Tai Chi - Qi Gong Workshop with Daniel Bruce.

Tai Chi – Qi Gong Workshop with Daniel Bruce.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong—
Tapping Into Our Intrinsic Healing Energy

Tai Chi and Qi Gong originated in China thousands of years ago. These practices have been used for a variety of reasons including: preventing premature aging; strengthening the body’s natural self-healing capacities; stilling the mind and quieting the emotions; and creating the possibility to experience moments of oneness with all life.

The Center offers Tai Chi-Qigong workshops that are designed and taught to promote physical, mental-emotional health and well-being.

Unlike the dominant health care system, which is focused on treating disease, these Qigong practices promote prevention and health. We can accomplish this by discovering, gathering, and circulating the Qi, which in turn stimulates the immune and other physiological systems.

The Chinese word Qi refers to the “Life Force” or “Energy” that animates all living things. It is a powerful healing resource produced naturally within us, activating our own internal medicine. Stagnation and deficiency of this energy can result in physiological dysfunction and disease.


• Improves qi, blood and lymph circulation
• Balances and harmonizes mental, emotional and physical qi.
• Enhances body awareness, resulting in better balance and coordination.
• Prevents problems before they arise!
• Decreases pain, reduces stress, and boosts immune system function in the face of illness

Regular practice affects blood pressure, both high and low, by increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels and strengthening them at the same time.

These exercises massage and strengthen the internal organs while conditioning the external structure. They especially help in the recovery from minor or serious illness!

Experience the health rewards that millions of people around the world gain from this practice of simple movements.

Upcoming Tai Chi Chih Workshops

Tai Chi – Qigong Beginners class

Location: Galisteo Rose Park.

If you are interested in participating in this course, please contact me ahead of time via email: danielbruce1219@gmail.com or call 505.470.8893.

My Martial Arts Background

In 1973 I became a student of KajuKenbo Karate and Sil Lim Gung Fu, reaching first-degree black belt by 1977. Parallel to that training, I also trained in traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan under the guidance of Ben Lo.